Chairman's Perspective

At GPT, we are committed to building an organization that repeats its success with every new venture. Our recent track record and achievements across all operational areas speak for themselves.  In a short span of time, we have successfully established a vibrant and growing business that is widening its geographic footprint and presence across new sectors. 

The key to our success has been a constant commitment towards customers and the passion and dedication of our employees, who have overcome various challenges with their teamwork, discipline and honest efforts.  At the same time, we have also endeavored to maintain and upgrade our asset base by investing in new technologies and building our knowledge bank and competence in new sectors. 

Having commenced operations in 2004, our Infrastructure Division is already one of the leaders in bridge construction. We are building bridges across some of the mightiest Indian rivers such as Ganga, Mahanadi and Kosi. In addition, we are executing projects across diverse clients and geographies by efficiently managing logistical and technological challenges. The inevitable result is reliable and predictable project delivery. 

Our Sleeper Division has forayed into new geographies and we are now the leading Indian manufacturer of concrete sleepers for international markets. Besides India, we have executed projects in South Africa, Mozambique, Myanmar and Bangladesh. Each country presented different sets of challenges while we designed track solutions and production systems compatible with local conditions. 

ILS Hospital is also an industry-leader in minimal invasive surgery and we are pioneers in the field, with more than 20,000 procedures to our credit. Our team at ILS is constantly striving to enhance the  “ILS Experience” by setting standards in service as well as by providing access to advanced medical technologies to the poorest sections of society. 

GPT Castings is the newest member of the GPT family commencing production from its foundry unit in 2007. It is currently expanding capacity and developing value-added products in line with globally-benchmarked efficiency, quality, safety and environmental standards. 

We are committed to grow and are pursuing aggressive expansion plans across all areas of operation.  Accordingly, we are actively developing our operations and strategies so as to emerge as market leaders in our industries. We believe that with the combined strength of our 900 employees and the vast scope for growth and diversification in today’s global economy, the future holds immense possibilities. At GPT, we will continue to explore these opportunities and derive value for all our stakeholders.